Volume 6 Page 20
Posted July 19, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 4: Slightly odd lettering choice to strand the word “HER?” in the border separating Rivet’s two word balloons. An obvious alternative would’ve been to just combine both balloons into a single, larger one, but I am loath—nay, absolutely loath—to stuff multiple sentences into single word balloons, as that always strikes me as just too damn much text. IMHO, breaking up dialogue into more—and smaller—balloons always makes for better readability than big, overstuffed, intimidating singletons crammed with “Writer At Work” wordage aplenty. (As in, cue the Overdialoguing Alert!)

Panel 5: Okay, perhaps, Rivet isn’t the most intuitive and emotionally insightful team leader imaginable, but then again, an affair conducted largely by telepathy would redefine the term “on the down-low.”

Once again, we behold the limits of weekly serialization, as the next page would’ve followed directly after these last two panels’ broaching of the topic of “How’s Spooky doing?” Well, next Monday, we’ll check in on poor Theresa.

-Adam Warren

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