Volume 6 Page 101
Posted November 8, 2019 at 12:01 am

Yeah, gotta admit that my beloved “sudden scene changes from panel to panel”—as in panels 1 and 5, here—don’t quite work as well in the webcomic format, as you might well be wondering, “Where are we, now?”  For whatever it’s worth, I believe this riff works a great deal better when you’re reading an entire volume at once. (Ahem. Or, on the digital tip, ahem.)

Panel 1: Major Havoc, folks!

Panel 2: Yeahp, other portal networks used by suprahumans do indeed exist in the Empverse, though we won’t see one of them in action until a certain story in Empowered vol.10 (as used by Le Chevalier Blanc, for up-to-date series readers). Also: Major Havoc, folks!

Panel 3: Major Havoc, folks!

Panel 4: Major Havoc, folks!

-Adam Warren

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