Volume 5 Page 78
Posted January 4, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Ah, nice; I’d forgotten that the previous page’s reference to “piggybacking other people’s sensoriums” sets up this subsequent scene. (Or would that be “sensoria,” plural? Looks like either form is acceptable, according to a quick search online.)

Page 4: This does set up some thorny age of consent issues, though it’s possible that Young Spooky was just a really, really scrawny high-school upperclassman. (Upperclassperson?) I do think the timeline is ambiguous enough, however, that Spooky is older than 18, though not by a whole hell of a lot. In retrospect, arbitrarily setting her origin two years before the present day was an inexplicably bad call on my part; four or five years back would’ve been just as reasonable. Then again, I wasn’t thinking about Spooky’s sexual relationships when I first worked up her origin story waaaay back in Empowered vol. 1.

-Adam Warren

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