Volume 5 Page 56
Posted December 5, 2018 at 12:01 am

Let the Overdialoguing Alert sound for this page, and sound loudly! I might also have to consider adding an Excessive Alliteration Alarm, as I’m no longer fond of the long chains of single-consonant chains that characterize the Blazing-Eyed Devilgoat’s barrage of dialogue in this story.

Panel 3: As I’ve noted many times before, the lights on the Caged Demonwolf’s power-draining prison really aren’t intended to form a yelling face, but dang if this particular image doesn’t give that impression, huh?

Panel 5: I appear to misspelled the word "Mulligatawny," folks. Always liked the Mulligatawny soup at the now-defunct Indian restaurant I used to frequent back in my long-ago days in San Francisco. Yeahp, veritable scores of indie cartoonists used to live in the Bay Area, hard as that may be to believe nowadays.

-Adam Warren

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