Volume 5 Page 32
Posted November 1, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: "Im-****ing-pugn" is a bit of a stretch in terms of novel vocabulary usage, especially with the full censorship of the Bad Word possibly making matters more unclear than necessary. (Which is why I only censor the middle two letters nowadays.) Plus, seeing "pugn" on its own feels a bit disorienting, TBH.

Panel 2: Not fond of Havoc's word balloons going leftward diagonally across the panel, but arguably this reads reasonably well despite the unusual direction of the dialogue chain. Also, enjoy the first appearance of the heretofore unglimpsed SuperHomeys round—or at least curved—table!

Panel 3: A question just occurring to me is whether or not, when spoken aloud, the supranym "dWARf!" is supposed to be pronounced with emphasized zest and exuberance to convey that exclamation point.

-Adam Warren

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