Volume 5 Page 202
Posted June 26, 2019 at 12:01 am

Whoops! Forgot to write any g-d commentary for this page, and have only a few minutes to upload this page! Whatever will I do?

Say, haven't flogged my Patreon lately, have I? Wellp, I do have a ridiculous number of posts up so far (over 120, at least), as I'm adding new material on a weekdaily basis, much of it Empowered-related. (Early on, I was adding posts three times per day to build up an archive, a pace which isn't very sustainable. Or is it?) The bulk of my posts are accessible at the $3 tier, but next month a bunch of exclusive material will be going to to the higher $5 and $10 tiers.

Wellp, that's all I got. Tomorrow, stand by for Empowered vol. 5's final story page!

-Adam Warren

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