Volume 5 Page 200
Posted June 24, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Gotta say, being gagged with a piece of g-d rebar would’ve been a new “damsel-in-distress” low for Emp—though, come to think of it, I believe we saw something similar way back in Empowered vol. 1. 

Panel 3: To indulge in some nitpickery, the ol’ Homeycrib must boast hella soundproofing for no one else to have heard Spooky tearing her room’s walls and floors apart to generate those concrete spears. Then again, as we won’t see until late in Empowered vol. 10, the Superhomeys HQ is frickin’ huge, and thus Spooky's quarters might well be far removed from the monitoring station where the other 'Homeys were assembled. Plus, given that it houses an unknown number of rambunctious capes, the structure really might have amazingly efficient soundproofing. In fact, the HQ's structural issues along those lines become a (very) minor plot point near the end of vol. 6, when far greater damage similarly goes unheard by a certain Superhomey.

Or, to grant Spooky a note of coldblooded calculation, she might have magically dampened the noise and vibrations of the walls and floor being torn apart. I suppose that’s possible, as she clearly rebar-blindfolded Emp in order to make the latter unaware of the deathly threat she’s facing.

-Adam Warren

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