Volume 5 Page 18
Posted October 12, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 4: And there’s this chapter’s title, “Reducing the Uppity.” Most Empowered stories take their titles from a particularly colorful line of dialogue that strikes my fancy, and this one was obviously no exception. In fact, the chapters initially have completely different “working titles” when I’m first drawing them. When I was looking through the original scans for this story, I was mystified by the story title "Outninja-ing the Ninja," only to remember, “Oh, right, that’s what I was calling the first chapter back then.” 

Panel 5: Behold, an ominous hint of the dreaded plague of merciless Overdialoguing that will soon ravage this volume’s stories. Well, at least this page has only one panel with truly excessive amounts of text; before long, we’ll see page after page with long stretches of out-of-control dialogue exploding forth and infesting entire scenes like swathes of verbal kudzu. “Sigh,” to quote Emp.

-Adam Warren

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