Volume 4 Page 91
Posted April 23, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: For some reason, I kinda enjoy trying to replicate the very particular kana—or, here, hiragana—font used in untranslated Japanese comics. The results are still kinda wonky, though, so nowadays I’ve defaulted to just scanning and pasting in relevant kana directly from manga whenever ’Jette blurts out a Japanese exclamation.

Panel 3: Might sinister motives possibly be afoot? 

Also, an oddity: While I still quite like the Ninjette faces from panels 1 and 2, I do not like panel 3’s face, for ineffable reasons not easily expressed. Can’t win ’em all, kids. 

Panel 4: And one one last "noseless Emp" for the road! Thus ends “Bemused, Bekittened, and Bepantied.” Next time, we start up a brief episode, “The Downside of Hurricane Elissa,” in which Thugboy discusses issues resulting from this very panel. Yay?

-Adam Warren

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