Volume 4 Page 90
Posted April 20, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: And Emp’s nose disappears again, as has happened a number of times throughout this story as a random bit of artistically stylized flair. Not sure why this particular episode sees the riff so often; I guess Decade-Ago Me just got the proverbial "wild hair," as the noselessness bit rarely appears very often after this.

Also, I should admit that the stripes on Ninjette’s underpants probably shouldn’t be anywhere near as dark as I drew ’em, as they arguably look more like a mime’s black and white T-shirt than the invariably lighter blue or pink colors of the oft-seen shimapan (striped underpants) of anime and manga. Problem is, my preferred rendering scheme in pencil requires lots of high contrast, hence the dark stripes on ’Jette’s underwear and pullover. (And, for a further example, the dark mattes of the framed photos on the walls of Emp's apartment, which aren't currently visible due to the flurries of speedlines used as backgrounds in today's page.)

Panel 3: Behold, a rare return appearance of Aroused Emp’s high-school and/or college-level French vocabulary, as mentioned in passing back in Empowered vol.2 (see last panel).

Panel 4: Emp’s choice to punch up the word “spanking” does seem a tad loaded, gotta say.

-Adam Warren

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