Volume 4 Page 60
Posted March 9, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: What’s this? Whatever might this furtive whispering be about? 

Panel 4: A brief tiptoe into SPOILER territory for long-time readers: I’m no longer quite 100% sure if that “P.C. wankerboy” line was supposed to be “in character” or not.

Also, the lack of a railing on that raised platform area does seem a tad less than ideal in terms of workplace safety, but I belatedly have just now realized that I based it off a warehouse where I spent a week or two doing part-time work as a teenager. (Damn near took a header off that g-d platform, too, as I recall.)

Panel 5: And the crow-themed bad guy’s “supranym” is revealed, though I suspect it was fairly obvious all along. (The names of the other two as-yet-unnamed supervills in the group might be a tad trickier to guess, I suspect.)

-Adam Warren

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