Volume 4 Page 19
Posted January 11, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 1: Solid drawing of Ninjette, here, though I’m not fond of being unable to show her face. In this context, I often like to use what I call “the profile cheat,” in which I try to show a reacting character in profile, but that trick has its limitations. That approach is technically a cheat because a foreground character in profile isn’t actually facing the background character they’re reacting to, but rather facing off at an odd angle. My profile views are usually cartoony enough to hide the wrongness of the “facing angle,” but not always; and in this shot, Ninjette would’ve looked way too off if I’d tried to stuff a profile shot into this image.

Also, regarding the Ayakami fella’s blood-dripping package, in case you’ve forgotten, that’s Ninjette’s frantically improvised work from the previous volume.

Panel 2: Gotta say, of all the Noh masks worn by the Ayakami ninja back in in Empowered vol. 3, this was one of the tougher ones to draw consistently. 

-Adam Warren

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