Volume 4 Page 103
Posted May 9, 2018 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: I’m rather glad to be looking over these early Mindf**k telepathic balloons, as I’m just now noticing how much longer their spiky elements were a decade ago. I’m presently drawing balloons for the character (well, sorta) in Empowered vol. 11, and those spikes have gotten much, much shorter over time. A bit late to suddenly restore them to their original length, true, but I might try to gradually extend ’em over future pages in the book.

Panel 3: Too much dang text in one balloon, I’m afraid. Splitting this panel into two separate panels might’ve helped—with, say, one showing a close-up of the junk food floating around Spooky, to tie into the "binge eater" reference—but that would’ve broken up the “alternating between Mindf**k and Spooky” rhythm of the scene. Best, I think, just to have cut well back on the amount of dialogue in this panel.

Panel 4: Mindf**k’s line about “quote, ‘the flaxen-haired fool,’ unquote,” strongly implies that Spooky said that phrase at one point, but it sounds much more like something the Caged Demonwolf would say. (Or bellow.) An odd dialogue decision on Decade-Ago Me’s part, I must admit.

-Adam Warren

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