Volume 3 Page 186
Posted December 6, 2017 at 12:01 am

UPDATE RE: RECENT COMMENTARY REQUEST: I am, in fact, trying to something up in the next few days for you kind souls who feel disposed to contribute an extra buck or two to the Empowered cause. I will eventually be setting up a full-on Patreon (for comics and life drawing, probably) but that's certain to be a tougher and more time-consuming set-up. (Shooting for early next year on that one.)

Panel 1: IT’S A TRAAAAAP! Excessive trapezius muscle mass alert on Jogging Ninja, here. After my last year or so of life drawing, I do find myself mildly annoyed by Past Me’s more whimsical excesses drawing the male body.

Panel 2: I’m ordinarily not a fan of the “same panel repeated, with slight changes” storytelling riff, but do think that this usage of the technique worked pretty well. WHOOOSH WHOOOSH!

Panel 3: A rather wonky figure shot of Emp, here, but I do quite like the way that the rendering of her supersuit over her belly and pelvis worked out. Not the usual approach I used back then—or very often since, really.

Panel 4: Uh oh. Not looking too good for our just-arrived heroine, right now…

-Adam Warren

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