Volume 2 Page 165
Posted January 20, 2017 at 12:01 am

I believe this story’s ending represents one of the earlier appearances of the Empowered riff of our long-suffering heroine turning the tables—nay, violently overturning those ol’ tables—on a supervillain who earlier “damsel-in-distressed” her. You may rest assured that this will happen on many more occasions throughout the series; hope that readers who have empathized with Emp’s struggles find this oft-recurring turn of events satisfying!

Believe it or not, this time-obsessed wannabe supervillain represents yet another dangling plot thread, as I'd once planned to bring him back as part of a long-term plotline. As you might guess, this poor bastard would have eventually ended up as a legitimate time-traveling bad guy, albeit at a grievous (if not horrific) cost. Given that he hasn't appeared in the succeeding eight (soon to be nine) books, though, his plot thread will likely continue to dangle for the foreseeable future.

And thus ends the goofiness of “The Power of TIME!” Next week, we launch into the penultimate story of Empowered vol. 2, “A Long Line of Dead People,” with the subject at hand being an extended and laudably surreal—and, if you read closely enough, somewhat revealing—Thugboy dream sequence.

-Adam Warren

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