Volume 1 Page 172
Posted March 3, 2016 at 12:01 am

Panel 2 features what may be the most alarmingly sinister close-up of Emp that I’ve ever drawn. Frightening to consider that Emp certainly has the physical characteristics to a venomously beautiful avatar of “Icy Blonde Hotness,”  though she happily lacks the emotional make-up for such a role. (Or does she…?)

Bad call on my part having Emp mention that Spooky apparently sold her soul in the 10th grade; really should have kept that point a bit more ambiguous, to allow myself a more flexible range for her possible age.

Panel 3’s close-up of a wildly distraught Young(er) Spooky still cracks me up. Well done, 2006-Era Me! (Even if the "wavery 'n' wobbly iris and pupil" riff was almost certainly borrowed from a manga artist I've since forgotten.) But, hey, don’t cry, Spookums! Then again, given what’s in store for you in future Empowered volumes, maybe you should cry.

In panel 4, you might notice that I forgot to draw the faint outline of Emp's underpants underneath the hypermembrane of her supersuit, as seen on the very previous page. Oh, well. In the same panel, a minor mystery detail spings out at me: Who the heck is that superdude (with the "A" on his costume's headpiece and chest) just barely visible in the background to the left of Spooky? No idea, alas, as I completely forgot about him after scribbling this panel a decade ago. 

And thus ends "A Sistah's Story," a chapter which set in motion a chain of events and complications which are still reverberating through the series. Not bad, for a quick, throwaway sequence meant only to flesh out Spooky's backstory a wee bit. Next up is "Love Changes Everything," a chapter in which the surprisingly salacious origins of several Superhomeys are revealed. Wheee!

-Adam Warren

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