Volume 1 Page 103
Posted November 20, 2015 at 12:39 am

This page’s eldritch entity dubs himself "He Whose Name Is Too Scary to be Spoken.”  In the original, first-draft version of this story, he actually mentioned what was supposed to be his real name: "Yddragoth". Yeah, in retrospect I thought that sucked, too, so he was Yddragoth no more once I rewrote his dialogue for the final, published incarnation of the page. Soon, however, he will be known by a very different monicker. (Readers of the print version of Empowered know that monicker, of course, will be “the Caged Demonwolf”; telling you this fact technically constitutes a SPOILER, I suppose.)

By the way, in the same panel, zero frickin' props to me for having Capitan Rivet make that tired, hackneyed, played-out-half-a-century-ago "Oilcan" reference to The Wizard of Oz. Ouch.

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