Posted February 20, 2019 at 12:01 am

Panel 2: Here, a hyper-obscure joke! Ocelotina’s claws were already out, but the “SHINGG” sound FX served just to emphasize ’em. This is a riff on the mysterious but aurally emphasizing “KCHAK!” sound FX that guns always make when they’re pointed at people in movies or TV, even when the firearms in question have no safety levers to be clicked off or hammers to be thumbed back. (Side note: I worked up a deliberate and intentional version of this trope for comical use in Dirty Pair, but never got around to using it.) 

So, just like “KCHAK” is a form of film/TV narrative emphasis for “I’m pointing a gun at you,” here “SHINGG” is shorthand for “Look! I have claws, in case you forgot!”

Panel 3: The “captivity curve” is a BDSM-ish concept of Ocelotina’s that is semi-explained later on in the story. (Well, sorta.)

For the record, this panel is a notably overdramatized version of how Ocelotina would tear off Emp’s suit. More likely, she’d snag a slight tear in the hypermembrane and then just yank it off in strips, much as she witnessed Emp doing to herself when they first met back in Empowered vol. 2. However, portraying such a process would’ve consumed too much pagecount, so instead I drew this simpler, bolder image of Emp’s suit almost magically shredding at the catgirl’s touch. Visual shorthand ahoy!

-Adam Warren

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